Monday, April 9, 2012


Those of us in education always appreciate it when the parents are involved with their children's progress in school.

One of my 'superstars' handed me a Camp Nickleby Progress Report form last week to fill out! I was very surprised, and at the same time, somewhat encouraged. This young lad is part of my "What's For Breakfast" club. Five of them sit together at one table and start each day with a large Monster energy drink, accompanied by a bag of Cheetos or some other culinary delight. Each kid currently has a class average hovering around 23%! Any hope of finishing the semester with a passing grade at this time h
as vanished.

I looked at the Progress Report and asked him if his parents are having him fill this out each week because they are finally concerned with his grade in my class. "No, they don't really give a @#$& about my grades. It's for my coach!"

Teaching is so rewarding!